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In BioKids®, we believe that dental occlusions and adult postural problems start very early, in the mother’s womb/in babies/in childhood. We maintain that preventative medical accompaniment of babies and children not only allows any problems to be dealt with as soon as they occur but are also simpler, quicker and more effective.

Since 2010, we have been in the vanguard of research and publishing with special emphasis on the diagnosis of the individual as a whole and we pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of care.

The professional work of our healthcare staff is allied with fun in the medical setting, coloured by and replete with playful activities which complement the treatments being carried out. 

We are fun!
We take play, matters of the heart and your smile very seriously.


a multidisciplinary team eager to give hugs

Clinical Staff

Joana Gomes

Clinical Lead, Officially Certified Dental Surgeon by the National Order of Dental Surgeons | OMD nº 6242

Paediatric Dentistry, Dentistry for Babies, Paediatric Orthodontics, Neural-occlusion Rehabilitation, Facial Orthopaedics, functional and myofunctional therapy, Cranial-Facial Development


Sara Vieira

Sub Clinical Lead, Professional Accreditation OMD nº 9066

Paediatric Dentistry, Dentistry for Babies, Neuro-occlusal Rehabilitation, Facial Orthopaedics, functional and myofunctional therapy, Cranial-Facial Development

Ana Valente

Professional Accreditation OMD nº 7785

Orthodontics and Facial Orthopaedics

Beatriz Hernandez

Professional Accreditation OMD nº 2244

Orthodontics and Facial Orthopaedics

Carolline Lopes

Professional Accreditation OMD nº 15344

Endodontics, General Dental Medicine

David Martins

Professional Accreditation OMD nº 11717

Periodontology, Surgery

Diogo Alves

Professional Accreditation OMD nº7029

Surgery, Endodontics, Oral Rehabilitation

Filipe Araujo

Professional Accreditation OMD nº 5818

Oral Rehabilitation

Francisca Cavadas

Professional Accreditation OMD nº13260

Paediatric Dentistry, General Dental Medicine

Jennifer Cardoso

Professional Accreditation OMD nº 12267

Paediatric Dentistry, Dentistry for Babies, Aesthetic Dentistry, Neuro-occlusal Rehabilitation, Myofunctional Orthopaedics

Mariana Soares

Professional Accreditation OMD nº 12116

Aesthetic Dentistry and General Medical Dentistry

Mónica Gomes

Professional Accreditation Podology nº 339

Podology and Posturology integrated with facial and functional jaw orthopaedics

Olga Fokt

Cédula Profissional OMD nº 12373

Paediatric Dentistry, General Medical Dentistry, Biomedical Engineering

Alexandra Marques


Clara Morais


Katerin Oliveira


Marta Barbosa


Marta Lemos


Rita Martins


Sónia Martins


Soraia Cardoso



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