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Magical Consultations

In BioKids® our infant appointments are magical! Whenever necessary, with the permission of their educators, we paint fingernails, make tattoos, sing, put on make-up, stick sparkles on, give small gifts, play games, all in order to make the medical experience more lighthearted, easy and fun for the child!

Enchanted Day

In the clinic, on one day each month a character/princess from the enchanted world spends the whole day with us. Biokids® has an exclusive partnership with Mafarrica®. We require the same degree of quality as in Biokids® so that the child can have a truly enchanting experience!

Can you imagine your child holding Cinderella’s hand throughout the visit to the dentist? Or some other favourite character? A positive way to help children undergo treatment that is a bit more difficult.

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Paediatric Dentistry Motivation Day

One day each month one of Biokids® Paediatric Dentists gives a teaching session on how and why to brush teeth. Children who have had consultations in Biokids® for less than 6 months get free entry! Bring your brush, it’s a lot of fun! This is an activity for the under 3s.

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Feet Out of Doors

One day each month, one of the Posture Therapists from Biokids® challenges the children to have a sensorial experience, involving movement and balance! A fun experience, like a game, which brings sensations and challenges from the outside world into the surgery!

The “Feet Out of Doors” initiative was started because many children these days do not often get the opportunity to play freely, with no shoes on, climbing walls and trees, activities which were normal in the past but are disappearing nowadays.

Therefore, children’s feet do not make contact with different textures and, on the rare occasion when they are out of doors, they are wearing shoes which restrict their movements, confine their toes, prevent the foot behaving normally and take away any sensitivity.

Activity for children from 5 to 16


One of the ways in which the team spirit in Biokids® works creatively is when the dentists, therapists and assistants prepare events together for Carnival, Children’s Day, Halloween and Christmas for the children.

The Children’s Day event takes place every year on a Saturday in June. This is an open day, not only for the children from the clinic, but also for any others who wish to get to know us. Games related to health are played for fun and as educational tools so that treatments are not seen as mysterious and somewhat scary.


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