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Privacy Policy



Gomes & Howcroft Biomedical Ltd, hereinafter designated as the Biokids Clinic understands and respects the importance of the privacy and data protection of their patients.

This Privacy Policy sets out our guidelines for the gathering, use, storage and disclosure of personal information that we collect when you become a patient of the Biokids Clinic.

A. Introduction:

  • Here we set out our guidelines for gathering, use, storage and disclosure of personal data in our data privacy policy, defining the treatment of your data in each of the following circumstances:
    1. When you come to our facilities to seek information, to book an appointment, treatment or clinical evaluation;
    2. When we contact you by telephone, email or other means of communication via the internet to seek information, book an appointment or to confirm an appointment.

B. Types of personal data:

  • Personal data collected in order to comply with the law, for taxation and in order to provide the good service necessary for dental treatment are:
    • Name, Address, Tax Number (NIF), National Health Number (n.º de Utente), Contact information (telephone/ email), Gender, Nationality, Date of birth, Photograph, Clinical History (Anamnese), Consultation Dates, Treatment Record, Examination Photographs, X-rays and Scans, Billing Data, Dates of Visits.
  • We only collect personal data with your consent.

C. How we use the data we collect:

  • In carrying out necessary treatment agreed with the patient:
    • The data is first collected to register the making of the appointment, later for the confirmation of this and, after treatment, to register the clinical services carried out and the respective billing in compliance with the current tax laws.
    • The data can be used for electronic prescriptions.
    • Scans and photographic images with no specific identification are used for diagnosis and planning of the treatment to be carried out. .
  • To motivate the patient:
    • Photographs and videos after previous consent has been obtained in order to motivate the patient, only disclosed to the patient.
  • Disclosure of relevant clinical cases for scientific purposes to the medical community:
    • For example photographs and/or videos that, because of their technical/professional worth, can be used for scientific purposes without specific identification of the patient unless it includes a full face photograph. If there is specific identification of the patient, these data will only be disclosed after prior consent has been given by the patient for this specific purpose.
  • Disclosure of relevant clinical cases in order to show know how on social media:
    • For example, photographs and/or videos which represent relevant clinical cases for disclosure through social media without specific identification of the patient unless it includes a full face photograph. If there is specific identification of the patient, these data will only be disclosed after prior consent has been obtained from the patient for this specific purpose.

D. Rights of the Data Subject:

    • As the data subject, the patient is guaranteed the right to access, correct, update, restrict and eliminate their personal data at any time. With the exception of those data which the services provided by the Biokids Clinic are required to have to meet their legal obligations and which the person responsible for the treatment is subject to.  
    • The right to prevent personal data being used for other purposes by the Biokids Clinic is also guaranteed, as is removing consent, as long as this does not affect the legitimacy of the treatment carried out under that agreement or the right to portability of the data. In order to validate any of these procedures the data subject or their legal representative, should ask the Clinical Director of Biokids to do so, either in person in the Biokids Clinic, or by other means, such as email:, provided proof of identity is established.

E. Storing personal data:

    • Data is kept only for the time necessary to carry out and maintain the service provided or for the period in the applicable legislation or other legal regulation for the activities carried out.
    • The Biokids Clinic treats and keeps your personal data depending on the purposes for which they are needed and only for the length of time necessary and for which they were collected and kept and always in accord with the law, the guidelines and decisions of the CNPD or until you exercise your right to refuse, to be forgotten or remove consent.
    • All situations under the law which require the data to be kept for a minimum period of time will be respected.
    • The Biokids Clinic will eliminate or make anonymous data after the respective period of time for keeping it has elapsed whenever that data should not be kept for a different purpose which may subsist.

F. How we protect personal data:

    • We recognise and assume our responsibility to protect that personal data that has been confided in us against loss, inappropriate use, or unauthorized use. The Biokids Clinic uses security technology and organisational procedures to help to protect all the data in our possession. For example, implementing controls on access, use of firewalls, safe servers, encrypting certain types of data as well as creating regular backups of the data.
    • In order to do this, we have adopted internal procedures to guarantee that staff who have access to personal data have had adequate training in the treatment and processing of the data, following the treatment of data policy and legal obligations for the protection of data
    • Should a breakdown or violation in the processing of data occur, we inform those whose data was affected within a maximum of 72 hours after the event is detected. Besides this, we also take all the legal measures available, namely notifying the competent legal authorities for judicial process against any entity that was involved in the violation.

Sharing of personal data:

    • If it is not because of a legal obligation and the third party is a public body, the Biokids Clinic’s staff makes sure, before providing any data to third parties, that:
      • The data has not been requested to be eliminated previously;
      • The data has not been subject to a refusal to transmit to others;
      • Guarantees that the intended use will only be in strict conformity with that defined for its collection, through contract or declaration by the data subject;
      • Whenever files are placed at the disposal of or transmitted to third parties, the Biokids Clinic stipulates conditions making sure that they meet the obligations put forward by CNPD and RGPD.

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